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edges - a project of the First Art Association of Rügen, Germany, May/June 2000

In an old stable  in Grabitz near Rambin/Rügen in Germany I built a  mosaic with colored bricks ( 4 x 4 meters). The order of the colors is defined on the first 1500 digits of Pi. Every digit has its own color, from 1 - white, 2...9 - ochre, red tones to 0 - black.



After the edges-project this work has been installed  in a barn in Rambin.
The owner of this  mosaic (as a loan) is now the:
"Verein zur Förderung der historischen Stätten von Rambin und Umgebung e.V."

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Three of the four windows of the room were closed with frosted glass. Through the fourth window could be seen a round herb garden, that owns the neighbouring market garden.

In a small neighbouring storeroom was installed a sound object. Through the walls could be heard the sound of the Pi-phony. This was the German public premiere of the Pi-phony !

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