the premiere of the π - PHONY

In summer 2000 the premiere of the PIPHONIE took place at three differnet scenes during art exhibitions. Nearly at the same time the visitors could listen to the sound of the PIPHONIE. In all three exhibitions a special object was to be seen, that has a direct correspondence to the PIPHONIE.


a project of the First Art Association of Rügen, Germany
May / June / July 2000

PIPHONIE and mosaic
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the earth circumference
an exhibition of the 1. Authors gallery Leipzig
July 2000 in Leipzig / Germany

PIPHONIE und earth circumference

The circumference of the earth was painted with black ink
on the floor on a scale of 1:500000. 40 black strips, each
with 2 meters lenght,  form a square on the ground.


BACH 2000
an exhibition in the church St. Petri in Leipzig / Germany
gallery south, July 2000

PIPHONIE and score

The score of the PIPHONIE was printed on a 12 meters long canvas.
It is rolled up on two wooden cylinders, made by a turner out of 70 years
old sibirian  pine. The score was lying on an old table below a round window.

a part of the PIPHONIE-score, printed on canvas

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